Petrolhead Motor Cars

Specializing in ridiculously fast, uncommonly beautiful or just plain interesting automobiles.


Welcome to Petrolhead Motor Cars

If you are visiting this site, I fear you may suffer from the same debilitating addiction as I... Automania – a condition characterized by an unhealthy obsession with all things automotive.

"Hello, my name is Bruce... and I'm a car addict.”

I deal only in a limited number of vehicles that I find interesting, unusual, beautiful, fast, or just plain fun. I search markets far and wide for interesting cars in unusually good condition. I then buy them and plan to keep them forever. The only wrinkle in this plan is my lovely wife, who seems to have some ridiculous aversion to me owning more cars than Jay Leno. Hence....I reluctantly have recognized that for me to experience many of the world's most fascinating vehicles, I must sell some of the world's most fascinating vehicles to make room for new experiences.

So many cars... so little time!

morrisAs this is not a primary source of my income, I can offer fellow Petrolheads the opportunity to enjoy the same cars for less cost than a real car dealer who has actual overhead and needs to make an actual profit.

So… I invite you to browse our website and hope that you find something that tickles your fancy. If I can help you on your slide into the perils of Automania, please contact me, I’d love the company!

Pictured left is our 1970 Morris Traveller which recently sold… waaah!