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2000 Ferrari Modena 360

2000 Ferrari Modena 360

2000 Ferrari Modena 360 SOLD!


I’m in love! Is it only me or does anyone else feel they need a cigarette after driving a Ferrari. This car is simply amazing. It is beautiful enough to simply admire as a fine art sculpture but to truly appreciate it you must drive it. 400 horsepower-6 speed gated manuel transmission-lightweight-ferocious grip- need I say more??? I have a friend in England who has owned a couple of Ferraris and has for years tried to get me to buy one – I said he was nuts – that was before I drove this car – I’m afraid I’ve gone over to the dark side.

Given the choice of selling my house or owning a Ferrari… the house goes! However the Voice-of-Reason ( sometimes known as my wife) indicated that living in a tent with me and a Ferrari wasn’t on her bucket list. Therefore a compromise… I will own a Ferrari for awhile then sell it and go look for a new one. Hence, this car is available. This car is absolutely gorgeous. Silver blue exterior with burgundy interior. It has extremely low milage… only 31,000 miles (less than 2000/yr). All major servicing is done and up to date. If you are looking for a beautiful 360 Modena …you just found it!

WARNING: This car is addictive. You are strongly advised to stay away from it unless you have available cash and an understanding spouse as you WILL fall in love with this car!

Condition Appraisal

VIN: ZFFYU51A4Y0122417
No known accidents
Original Manuals: Yes
No visible rust
Milage: 31,000 miles
No known mechanical issues
# of Keys: 2 sets
Floor Mats: Yes

Existing Warranty: No

Detailed OMG! Very Good Average Yucky Crap! N/A Comments
Overall tick
Body tick
Paint  tick  Small scratches on RR bumper
Chrome Trim tick
Glass tick
Trunk tick
Tires tick
Spare  tick
Carpets tick
Upholstry  tick
Dash tick
Engine Bay tick
Wheels  tick



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