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2013 Factory Five Cobra 427

2013 Factory Five Cobra 427

There are a few cars that stir the soul of real car guys like the 1966 Cobra 427. It is the epitome of everything stupid and wonderful about cars. It is incredibly fast, unbelievably nimble and just plain beautiful to behold.

This car was built in 2013 using only top quality race car level parts coupled to the proven Factory Five chassis and body. This is not a “donor car used parts” version, it is the top level, best quality version; brand new 5-speed Tremac transmission, fully prepared 351 Windsor bored out 406 cubic inches, aluminum race radiator, etc.

The body is beautifully prepared in red with proper panel gaps. The interior has full Factory Five gauges and full upholstery and carpeting. The workmanship and quality of the build is second to none. This vehicle has been independently appraised at $65,000 and is licensed and safety inspected in the province of Nova Scotia.

It has the upgraded Lexan windshield, Simpson race safety belts, single roll bar as well as a custom tonneau cover.

I have driven hundreds of fast and exotic cars, and I can say without doubt, this is the fastest and craziest car I have ever been in. It is loud, it is raucous and it is impossible to drive without a wide silly grin on your face.

Caution: this is not a car for you sixteen year old son. It is a seriously fast car that demands respect and skill.

I have often described this car to others as the “World’s Stupidest Car”…it has no windows, no heater, no air conditioner, no roof and no sensible person should ever want it. But I love it! And I suspect if you have read this far you are the kind of person who will love it too.

Come take a look. THIS CAR IS WAY TOO MUCH FUN!


Condition Appraisal

VIN: ASDO7N13710412123
No accidents
Milage: Only 4900 miles!!
No known mechanical issues
No existing warranty
Absolutely superb condition
Detailed OMG! Very Good Average Yucky Crap! N/A Comments
Overall   tick
Body  tick
Paint  tick
Glass  tick Lexan w/s
Trunk tick
Tires  tick
Spare  tick
Carpets tick
Upholstry  tick
Engine Bay  tick
Wheels  tick Factory Five knock off look



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