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2006 Dodge Viper SRT-10 2006 Dodge Viper SRT-10

2006 Dodge Viper SRT-10 – $46,900 For those of you who think 8 cylinders aren’t quite enough…have I got a car for you…yes, a 10-cylinder, fire breathing, ground shaking 500+ hp Dodge Viper! This car just looks powerful sitting there i.e. hood vents, side scoops, racing stripes, and impossibly wide tires. Surprisingly, it is very […]

2012 Jaguar XFR 2012 Jaguar XFR

2012 Jaguar XFR – $42,900 If you are an irresponsible automotive addict (like I am) you need this Jaguar. It looks from the outside like the epitome of responsibility and respectability to your neighbours, your spouse and even the police… but underneath… it is absolute fun… did I mention it has 510 horsepower, yes 510 […]

2013 Factory Five Cobra 427 2013 Factory Five Cobra 427

There are a few cars that stir the soul of real car guys like the 1966 Cobra 427. It is the epitome of everything stupid and wonderful about cars. It is incredibly fast, unbelievably nimble and just plain beautiful to behold. This car was built in 2013 using only top quality race car level parts […]

1970 MORRIS MINOR 1000 Traveler 1970 MORRIS MINOR 1000 Traveler SOLD!

1970 MORRIS MINOR 1000 Traveler SOLD! OK, it’s my brothers fault…..when I was 10 years old my older brother bought his first car….a Morris Minor 1000 and I have loved them ever since. Simply put, I believe they are the cutest cars ever made! I have owned this particular Morris for 4 or 5 years […]

2005 AUDI A8L W12 2005 AUDI A8L W12 SOLD!

2005 AUDI A8L W12 SOLD! Want to own a super fast luxury car but need to convince your spouse that you bought a practical winter or allyear car…then this A8 is for you. The A8L is a wonderful well appointed luxury automobile ….and then when you add the 12 cylinder W12 version, it becomes a […]

1999 Bentley Arnage 1999 Bentley Arnage SOLD!

1999 BENTLEY ARNAGE SOLD! Absolutely gorgeous Bentley Arnage. The epitome of British automotive excellence. Refined, luxurious yet fun to drive. Beautiful black exterior with parchment interior complemented with copious amounts of burled walnut. It is difficult to be driven anywhere in this fine automobile and not feel that one should wave to the masses like […]

2000 Ferrari Modena 360 2000 Ferrari Modena 360 SOLD!

2000 Ferrari Modena 360 SOLD! OMG!… OMG!… OMG!… I’m in love! Is it only me or does anyone else feel they need a cigarette after driving a Ferrari. This car is simply amazing. It is beautiful enough to simply admire as a fine art sculpture but to truly appreciate it you must drive it. 400 […]

1969 Jaguar 340 1969 Jaguar 340 SOLD!

1969 Jaguar 340 SOLD! Wow….I mean….how cool is this car !! It is the car you have seen in every British movie made, and you drooled over it and wished it was yours. It is the quintessential British Jaguar…twin overhead cam six,burled walnut everywhere and the smell of leather. This Jaguar is in exceptional original […]

1981 Chev Stepside 1981 Chev Stepside

1981 Chev Stepside $8500 Here’s the thing… I’m not sure I want to sell this truck now but have decided to show it in case it’s just what you have been looking for to make your life complete. This little truck was owned by a friend’s father who bought it new in 1981. I have […]

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